Ale…a mans (and dogs!) best friend

Ale, my friends, is the new Prosecco… well, not entirely, but the story behind this amazing local brewery is right up our street!

Nestled in the heart of Whitby is the Lady Luck Brewery that has been brewing delicious ale for many years. Now, I can’t profess to be the ale drinker in my house, that is a role passed onto my willing participant of a husband, but if you haven’t tried it before, it probably will surprise you!

Ale isn’t all about pairing with a packet of crisps and a pickled egg. No! Brewing has moved on, and so has my appreciation for it – I have discovered that my love of cheese has a new friend. Think of soft creamy cheese with the nuttiness of a Lady Luck ale, YUM. So let’s take that a step further, go the whole hog and pick up a grazing box from Whitby Deli. After all, it is nearly Christmas!

Sorry, I digressed slightly! This brewer has caught my eye because not only is there a supernatural, almost mythological overtone with names such as Black Cat and Dream Catcher, but there is a real commitment by the owners to repurpose waste sensibly. One person’s grain waste is quite literally another person dog biscuit!

So if you are looking for the perfect pressie for man and dog, you need to check out what’s on offer on their Facebook page here; you can even buy online too.

Thank you, Lady Luck Brewery; you have made my Christmas shopping that little bit easier and a lot more local!

By Penny, lover of dogs and walks with a coffee at the end!

Penny, lover of dogs and walks with a coffee at the end!

One thought on “Ale…a mans (and dogs!) best friend

  • Pepe is laid back but still has a playful side, she loves a good squeaky toy and sniffing every blade of grass on her walks. Sammy is an active little dog who loves a good game of ragger, he can be a little vocal at times and is a fun loving little dog with his best friend by his side. They would prefer to remain as the only pets in the home and with owners that can be around most of the day initially to help settle them in.

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