Family, local and a whole load of gift ideas

One of my favourite places to visit has got to be Eastfield Garden Centre…a place which quite literally, has everything under one roof!

This garden centre has everything you would need to transform your open spaces, but as a novice gardener who has been trying to embrace the grow your own movement, it is the people here that really has made an impression. No question asked has been answered with despair when telling the five-year saga of the never fruiting tomato plants! In fact this year, following some top tips, they did actually fruit this year and I had a bumper beetroot crop…now if only they could make my parsnips less wonky!

But that’s not where my love of this local family business ends. You see, you can buying everything you need to grow, then pickle and bake to your heart’s content with their kitchen and homeware section. 

Another reason I love Eastfield Garden Centre has got to be their food hall. Their commitment to stocking local suppliers from throughout Yorkshire really should be commended AND their suppliers supported because there are some fantastic finds! While we are having to keep our distance over the coming weeks, you are a lucky person if you live in Brid as they are able to deliver locally to you, if you can’t make your way to them on your essential shopping trip. 

BTW you have to try the cake! And if you happen to be passing save some more for me – I have gifts to buy and a fridge to stock!

By Penny, lover of dogs and walks with a coffee at the end!

Penny, lover of dogs and walks with a coffee at the end!

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