Inside Scoop – Alpamare Visit 2021

On our summer bucket list for 2021 was a visit to Alpamare. As a family of three (two adults & a three-year-old), this was definitely a treat at £41 for three hours entry; (to be fair, we were visiting on the weekend in peak season). However, I wondered if it would be worth it at the time, knowing our child was too small for any of the attractions’ impressive water slides.

Alpamare slide

Entry to Alpamare has changed since COVID. They now operate an excellent online booking system which allows you to see the different tariffs depending on the time of year and session, rather than checking their FB page for offers and reduces queuing time.

On arrival, it took barely five minutes to queue and book in before we were in the pool, which was great. The lockers continue to work on a wristband that previously allowed you to pay for food and drink, but this has changed since they reopened. You now have to pay using a card for each transaction which isn’t ideal (if you know how many snacks/drinks toddlers need, you’ll feel my pain), the snacks and coffee were delicious, so it made the trip to the lockers worthwhile.

Alpamare – Cafe Hydro

There are three main pools, an indoor wave pool and two outdoor heated pools if you haven’t visited. Indoors is a water splash play section with smaller water slides for children and toddlers and many fun things to play with. The wave pool is family-friendly with shallow water, and the waves begin periodically, giving time for more relaxed play. Hubby hugely enjoyed the four water slides whilst we watched from the sidelines; all slides are suitable for children 6+, so a few more years to wait for the little one.

Alpamare – Finn

We all enjoyed our visit and left feeling energised by the exercise whilst at the same time relaxed by the laid back vibe and whilst people may question if it provides value for money, I think for us it does. I’ve visited many attractions that have cost similar that haven’t provided three hours worth of entertainment that spans both indoors and outdoors too, none of us wanted to leave!

Although, as a local, I wanted to experience it in summer and have some fun in the sun, I will be keeping an eye on the off-peak prices to return in the Autumn when they plan to reopen their Spa (and perhaps leave the boys to the slides this time 😉)

Photo credit to Alpamare – there was no way I was risking taking my own; water and tech don’t mix for me!

By Freya, lover of food and family days out x

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