The Gentleman’s lifestyle Store

With a twist…

Furbellow & Co is a Gentleman’s lifestyle store with a twist, nestled on Sandgate in the old part of the town of Whitby.

Everything about the visual merchandising in this unique store is perfect.
It is clear that hard work, creative skills and artistic design are at work at their very best in this beautiful shop.

As I entered the shop, I felt immediately that it would be a truly unique experience, and It definitely was.
The beautiful delicate aroma, coupled with the smell from the wood burner, filled my senses which were divine.
I could see a big leather chair next to the wood burner, and the sight of the flames dancing around makes you feel warm instantly.
Here you can sit, relax and lose yourself in the moment and soak in the atmosphere that this lovely moment allows.

Looking towards the rear of the shop, a real treat awaits you.
The highly-trained Barber takes care of all your grooming needs with the finest range of products as you sit back relax whilst listening to the crackle of the wood-burning stove.

Whether you choose to have a haircut, beard trim, or a traditional wet shave, you will leave feeling and looking your best.

There is customer service excellence in this store, and it’s wonderful everyone is so friendly and approachable, and ready to help.
After chatting with the team in the shop, I had a great idea; I’ll just book him in for an ultimate experience.

Another perfect gift ticked off my list. Fabulous I thought as I doth’d my imaginary hat saying “good day” on leaving. 😀

By Charlie - Lover of customer service and retail experiences.

Lover of customer service and retail experiences.

One thought on “The Gentleman’s lifestyle Store

  • These guys gave me one of the best close cuts I’ve had in a long time when I visited in the summer. Highly recommend.

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