Twinkling lights in the dark!

If ever there is a time to stop a minute and think about a remarkable retailer, it’s now.

Walking down Victoria Road in Scarborough, I can see the lights in the window at Electrocdec, and I know I’m in for a real treat.
Electrodec’s original founders Peter and Margaret also lived above the shop it has been family-run ever since.  The shop has changed with the times. However, it’s clear excellent customer service has been at the very heart of this place and still is, nothing is too much trouble. They have given us a truly inspirational success story.

The Christmas window light display looks fantastic in the day, however, lit up at night, well, it’s stunning. 😍 to browse for Christmas lights here.

it’s hard to ignore all the other lighting, lots of wall lights, floor lamps, animal table lamps, outdoor lighting and beautiful vintage lighting.

Gorgeous Lamps

I locate the Christmas lights and decide which ones are perfect for our tree, but not before I have imagined new lighting in each of my rooms, I take pictures so I can share my thoughts at home, it’s not time yet but I can’t wait to get decorating! 😁 what’s even more amazing is that they can turn any of your own items into a beautiful light, do you think they are up for this challenge?

I bet they are as they have been Specialists who offer over 55 years of experience in electrical installations, inspections and testing and lighting design is their passion, whether it is ambient lighting or energy efficiency you’re looking for.

By Charlie - Lover of customer service and retail experiences.

Lover of customer service and retail experiences.

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