My Christmas Gift 🎁

A gift to me from me πŸ˜‡

The thrill of going shopping can be a wonderful experience for me, in fact, I just love it! Especially when it comes to Christmas when it’s as good a reason as any to treat myself, and as we say, I’ve been very good this year, thank you, Santa!

So, after doing the housework, I jumped in the car and headed to town, parked up, threw my oversized bag on my shoulder and set off walking towards Westborough in Scarborough. A cold chill in the air reminded me of the time of year, and as I pulled my coat tight around me, I thought maybe I should treat myself to a hat and gloves. Mmmmm, it’s a thought!
I had a spring in my step as I crossed the road towards the Shops, excitement simmering.

People of all ages passed me laughing and chatting to each other; others were sitting on benches having a cuppa, eating pastries or just people watching. The atmosphere on the high street felt welcoming. It made me smile and feel good; in fact, I felt great, and I wanted to join in and soak up this wonderful feeling, so I bought myself a hot drink and enjoyed the warmth of the tea cupped in my hands.

As I gazed around, lovely warm feelings stirred in me, Christmas windows everywhere. I came across Warren James, the Jewellery Shop, beautiful necklaces and rings sparkling in the light all neatly placed on their displays, tempting me. Mmmmm, maybe I should buy myself some jewellery!
I carried on down the high street, passing different shops all the time thinking what can I buy for me! Some new makeup, perhaps!

With all these ideas spinning around my head, I felt like I was buying for someone else! I began to feel picky about what I wanted or was it what I needed! This thought suddenly crept in….. “want” or “need”?
I pushed the thought away as I remembered, “I’ve been good all year, Santa”!

I headed into Marks and Spencers, and as I browsed, I came across a gorgeous dress. It was a long dress and would sit above my ankles; it had long sleeves, it was floral, deep blue and white print.

An assistant smiled as I passed her in the fitting room said, “let me know if there’s anything you need”,
Dress on, I threw the curtain back and nervously wondered what she might say. To my relief, she told me how lovely I looked; I smiled and mentioned that I felt something was missing.
The assistant was straight on it and disappeared a few minutes later she appeared with some gorgeous boots and a bag.
I am always delighted when I receive outstanding customer service; the assistant was amazing! Not only did I get myself a Christmas present but her suggestions got me more presents than I expected!

Well done, Marks and Spencer that excellent customer service just got my Christmas Gift to me (or should I say my gifts to me)!

By Charlie - Lover of customer service and retail experiences.

Lover of customer service and retail experiences.

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