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Making New Memories

When the decorations have been taken down, and the last bit of tinsel sparkle has been dusted away, or so I believe, (I always miss something), I began to think about what would be nice to do next?πŸ€”
It needs to be thoughtful and meaningful to create a new memory. Then! a light bulb moment! I will write a letter to my Aunty.

My Aunty grew up when, “in those days,” it was “the norm” to write and receive letters. The sound of the “letterbox clatter” would have her racing to the window, looking out and shouting “the postman’s been”.
She would rush to the front door, smiling broadly as she excitedly found on the mat what I could only describe as a surprise!
The item would be picked up and waved in the air, then a call out to me! “it’s a letter”, and I would feel as excited as she was.
Looking back now, I smile, I, just a child, was sitting at the table in the room watching this whole event unfold, but the energy of excitement gave me a feeling of wonder and joy.
We’d sit cosily together on the big brown worn sofa in the warmth of the room and read the letter, sometimes twice, sometimes three times, never just once.

On the table, she would put a pile of leftover wallpaper cuttings, and these were brought out for me when I visited so I could draw, write or cut out shapes, whatever I wanted to do.
Sometimes my Aunty would put the letter on the table, and I would copy the words that stood out most onto the different paper sizes. Sometimes I would even copy the whole letter! It took me so long, but I enjoyed it so much, my Aunt watching on as she busily cut up vegetables for dinner.
She would ask me to read what I had written, and I wouldn’t always know, and we would laugh. Then, she’d dry her hands on her detailed flower apron and sit with me to help me read what I had written.

Now getting back to the task at hand, I love to look around the shops, and before I know it I’m in town as I need to purchase writing paper and envelopes, as for me, writing on the wallpaper, well, that part I would like to stay a wonderful memory.πŸ™‚
The freedom to walk around the shops is wonderful, and chatting with the retailers is the sociable part of the shopping experience which I love and it makes me want to return again and again. There are so many times when I leave some shops feeling like I’ve made a friend, and it’s just lovely.

WHSmith has some gorgeous flower and butterfly writing sets, as well as luxurious Three Candlesticks paper with envelopes, and I finally choose and head home. Then, sitting at my table, I begin to write.
Sentences flow effortlessly, and I don’t stop till I finish.

I fold the paper neatly and push it into the envelope. I write my Auntys name and address and add a stamp. I smile as I let the envelope drop into the post box. I know she will love this “surprise”.
When the letter is received, one of our family will read it to her. The letter, I’m sure, will be read many times, “not just once.”

Another wonderful memory made. πŸ™‚

By Charlie - Lover of customer service and retail experiences.

Lover of customer service and retail experiences.

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