Holiday, Holiday, Holiday 🎡

A Short Break 🐚

Getting away for a holiday is lovely, and we all have our favourite places.
Whether you have to fly, drive or take a train to get to your holiday destination, it’s all part of the experience and can be very exciting on the day.
The build-up and making sure you have packed everything well that part can be, well, let’s say it can be challenging for several reasons.
For many, including myself, holidays have been non-existent for a couple of years, so imagine how delighted I was the other day when hubby said, “get packed, we are going away for the weekend.
A feeling of excitement stirred inside me “ooh, where are we going,”

Hubby turned on the computer, and an image of Bridlington Links popped up along with a picture of the Lodge where we will be staying. Giddy with excitement, I rushed up the stairs to pack, and as I loaded the car with what looked like enough baggage for a week away, I smiled, happiness washing over me. What a wonderful surprise!

As we drove the few miles down the road enjoying the views of the countryside, we chatted about the walks we could take and the fun we would have.

So, after we had unpacked, we put our coats, hats and scarves on, called the dog, and headed to Bridlington beach. As we walked along the promenade, I took pictures to capture moments as the view was incredible.

The Lodge was perfect. In the evening, as we sipped our drinks, played cards and cosied up on the big comfy sofa to watch a film, I looked over at our sleeping Dog. She’d had a busy day! In the morning, looking out of the window, I could see Deer grazing just a stone’s throw away which was amazing to see.

Capturing moments outdoors

Taking a trip to Sewerby for a walk the next day, we found the Ship Inn, a dog-friendly Inn where the food is delicious and the customer service is excellent. Just Perfect.

I don’t think they can see me! Cant we stay longer!

Before heading home, we took another walk by the sea. Taking pictures of our dog. As I was checking one of the photo’s she looked like she was saying, “can we stay longer” “well”, I say as I stroke her head, let’s walk a little more 😊

By Charlie - Lover of customer service and retail experiences.

Lover of customer service and retail experiences.

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