Sewing the seeds of an epic adventure

The Odyssey - figures

It feels like a long time now since I was out on the bitingly cold day in Scarborough, listening to The Odyssey on a walk throughout the seafront, but it is a memory that has stuck with me.

Something about listening to this epic tale told by people from the area resonated with me, and I’ve been following the story, eagerly awaiting the next instalment.

Thankfully, I didn’t need to wait too long, so when I saw the next part, “The Trojan Wars”, advertised, I put it straight in the diary.

It was well worth the trip out to the Scarborough Spa this weekend to see the next part of the story. Seeing people of all ages embracing their inner child, acting with shields and lightsabers against the green screen, becoming a warrior in this story made me feel warm and fuzzy. It showed just how much other people love this big story-telling project like me!

I have been charmed by this whole story, and after chatting with the organisers, I can’t believe that I’ll have a chance to contribute! In a couple of months, the Sea Goddess herself will be arriving on the shores of the Yorkshire Coast…and no…I won’t be the goddess herself! Still, I will join in with creating the shawl that she will be wearing when she arrives, joining in with over 500 other people sewing and stitching a square of what we love about the area.

I have never seen a story or event that has involved so many people, especially not here on the Yorkshire Coast, but I, for one, am so glad it is happening and letting people of its community get involved.

I’d highly recommend one of the geo-walks and make sure you look out for the Sea Goddess, aptly known as “The Survivor”, coming to the Yorkshire Coast.

Now all I have to do is try and narrow down my inspiration so I can crack on and create my square!

By Penny, lover of dogs and walks with a coffee at the end!

Penny, lover of dogs and walks with a coffee at the end!

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  • We saw it at Whitby and had a great time. Great to see things to do for free, need more like this here.

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