Embracing the breeze with a brew!

When you live on the Yorkshire Coast, you quickly develop a bit of “hardiness”, pre-braced to not just handle, but love, the ever-changing weather. Even on the most bitter of winter days, you’ll see people walking dogs, going for a run and surprisingly, sitting outside for a coffee!

I love nothing more than being dragged across the beach by the dogs, but it’s for a very selfish reason… there are many good hot chocolate spots to reward me with after the dog are tired out!

Now, it’s not for everyone, and you do need to develop some pretty good coordination skills trying to sup a coffee or choco with a lead in hand, but over the years I’ve developed a “lead on the foot” sitting technique to keep the dogs away from the cream on my hot chocolate (which I like to indulge in regularly) at the likes of Bay View Coffee and Richies on Scarborough and Brid seafront!

Part of the charm for me, no matter the weather, is the views. In the summer you get to take in the smells of the hot sun on the tarmac and candy floss in the air while watching the sun shimmer on the sea. But in the winter, there is nothing more dramatic than seeing the storm clouds roll in and the majestic crashing of the waves.

Whatever you love, whether you are braced for anything the coastal weather can throw at you, or you are a fair-weather walker just looking for a brew, you’ll never feel short-changed on the coast.

However, this weekend, with the storms rolling in, I’ll be out looking for a warmer haunt to settle into, or even, just hoping and dreaming, that the dogs don’t want to go out!

Top tip: Want to see the coast, without the hassle? Check out these great coast cams.

By Penny, lover of dogs and walks with a coffee at the end!

Penny, lover of dogs and walks with a coffee at the end!

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