A Pitstop at The Cockpit

At first glance, The Cockpit on Newborough could look like any other fast food outlet, but step inside and you’ll find another story. Firstly, there’s the wonderfully warm welcome. Ok, you can get this at most places on the Yorkshire Coast, but I sense these guys sincerely appreciate your business and want you to make the best meal choices. They are ready with loads of recommendations and suggestions on the best accompaniments.

The decor is – well, let’s just say there’s a definite chicken theme going on here. All the artwork has been created by local artist Andrea Miller – GYO. It’s fun and lively. On the night we went, there was a good mix of ages, from large parties out to celebrate to cosy couples and multi-generational family gatherings. It’s not too loud that you can’t have a good conversation.

The menu is funky – with inventive names for most things but good descriptions, so you know what you’ll be getting. The food is mainly burgers or chicken – to be more specific, parmos. If you’ve never heard of a parmo, it originates from Teesside and is traditionally a flattened piece of chicken coated in breadcrumbs and served with a bechamel sauce and cheese topping. I say traditionally because the guys at the Cockpit have taken parmos to another level – there is every variety you can imagine. As Richard (one of the owners) proudly told me, their’s are coated in nachos crumb – making them gluten-free and, I have to say, adding a marvellous extra flavour. They even have vegan options too!

They taste amazing! The chicken literally melts in your mouth, and the flavours are to die for. The homemade chips are cooked to perfection and have a variety of coatings and toppings.

Our food pics from the night – just like the ‘menu’ pics

Great local suppliers

But the main reason I will be making The Cockpit my regular eat-out treat is the provenance of all their ingredients. These guys have researched their suppliers thoroughly – they even list them on their website. They are proud to shout about the local connections with Soanes Poultry in Driffield for their chicken, The Horny Cow Farm in Wilton for their burgers and beef supply. Nockels Butchers in the market supply extra meat such as bacon and pork. All Seasons in Scarborough Market for all of their veg – including the sacks of spuds for those fab chips. The ice cream is from Crema e Cioccolato – which is literally a few doors down.

So you know when you buy a meal from The Cockpit – either sit-in or takeaway you are contributing to the local economy as well as getting a great meal and a great night out.

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