Bridlington Explorer Story Four: Heading to Bridlington Priory

Bridlington Explorer Story Four: Heading to Bridlington Priory

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Audio Story 4

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As we travel back from Sewerby, our next stop is near Bridlington Priory Church and Old Town.

Walter de Gant founded Bridlington Priory in 1113 AD. It was once one of England’s largest and richest monasteries.

King Stephen granted the Priory the property of felons and fugitives in the town and proceeds from the harbour. Later, King John gave the Priory the right to hold markets and an annual fair.

The most famous of Bridlington’s Priors was John of Thwing, who led the Priory in the late 14th century. His miracles and healing saw him elevated to sainthood. St John’s shrine attracted many pilgrims, including the Lancastrian king’s Henry the fourth and fifth.

The Priory was wealthy at the time of its Dissolution in 1538. The Church was almost 400 feet in length, surrounded by the Chapter House, Treasury, Cloister, Prior’s Hall and Infirmary.

All the buildings were destroyed except the Nave, which became the Parish Church, and the fortified gatehouse, which is now the Bayle Museum – housing a collection dedicated to the history of the town and local area.

It is said that some of the stone from the old Priory was used to build Bridlington’s piers.

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