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8 Games for Christmas

Family Entertainment

Are you and your family and friends looking for an entertaining way to get into the spirit of the season? What better way than by playing 8 different entertaining  games! From the popular Charades, Christmassy eye-spy  to classic favourites – you’ll have no shortage of exciting activities to keep everyone busy! Perfect for Christmas parties, family get-togethers, or just a night in with the ones you love over the festive season – these games are sure to bring the Christmas cheer! Happy playing. 😁

So let the Countdown begin.

Number 8  – One Spot.

To play One Spot you will need a some small stickers and 4 or more players. Let’s say there are 8 players in your game. give an each player a number from 1 – 8. Player 1 should say, “I am one spot I have no spots how many spots has number 3 spot got” The person who is number 3 should say the same “I am 3 spot I have no spots how many spots has number ? spot got. This carries on until a person makes a mistake with the words, when this happens they put a sticker on their face. and the game continues, but they now say :I am ? Spot I have 1 spot how many spots has number ? spot got. The games ends for the person who has 8 spots, the others carry on till the another person has 7 spots. The winner is the play with the least amount of spots. This game can be played with children or as an adult game (with drinks)

Number 7 – Christmassy Eye Spy. 

Who doesn’t like a game of eye spy with the children, its great fun the only rule is its all to do with Christmas!

Number 6 – Who am I.

This is a great fun game for all the family.  A theme should be picked I.E Celebrity, famous person a superhero then the  host should give all the players a sticky note and each player should write down the super hero or famous person and then all the group should place the notes face down and pick one, each person then picks a note and sticks it to their forehead without looking at it.Take turns going  round the room asking one yes or no question about your assigned person, questions like “am I female, or am I a celebrity When someone figures out what person they are they must guess on their turn and can remove their strick note if they are wrong they must stay in the game.

Number 5 – Family Talent Show.

This is a fun way to show off those talents we all have whether someonloves to do a bit of magic, singing, dancing telling jokes or just touching their nose with their tongue, it’s just all round great fun. Maybe a prize for the most unique, most creative, most funniest.

Number 4 – Story Time.

Short Story’s are great after Christmas Dinner, the host can prepare the start of the story for the story tellers, by writing on a piece of paper the first line of the story and letting the storyteller pick one (face down) The story’ could start with         : “Did I ever tell you about the elf on the shelf” or  :On Christmas Eve I woke and looked out of my window and saw Santa” “My perfect gift was” 

Number 3 – Find the Candy Cane.

You will need candy canes,  dice and a timer.The host should hide Candy canes around the house. Players should take turns to roll the dice, when a player rolls a 6 they get 1 minute to find as many candy canes as they can. the winner is the one with the most candy canes!

Number 2 – Two Truths One False.

Each player takes a turn saying 3 statements about themselves out loud. Two must be Truths about themselves and one False statement, the goal is to pick out the the statement and the lie by asking questions, to the player, there should be 5 minutes on the clock for the players to guess which is the lie.

Number 1 – Charades. 

Begin by putting lots of phrases or film, book titles into a bowl. Each player picks a slip from the bowl and acts out the phrase or title using hand gestures, (1, 2, or 3 words) and body motions, the player who guesses the right title/phrase then gets to take their turn.

Hope your parties and gatherings are great fun, Enjoy 🎉 🥳 🎄🥰

By Team LYC

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