Shopping for my man! 🤔

Getting it right!

When I get the chance to shop for clothes for my man, well, all I can say is YES! It’s not that often that I get to shop for him, in fact, it’s hardly ever.

Usually, my guy knows what he wants, gets ready, sets off to the shop of choice, and well, that’s it, he gets what he went for! Then, he’s back home, feet up on the sofa, telly on raising his cup of coffee in his hand at me before I’ve had the chance to say, “what do you want for tea”!

Today, however, without any warning, he tells me I can spend the Gift Card we got for Christmas on anything I want!

So I set off with the thought of getting my man some new clothing.
This should be a doddle, I think to myself as I set off, I know what he likes, I should do we’ve been together for like EVER!

As I walk, I imagine his face lighting up, all excited when I hand him the item and I feel happy and excited.
Two hours later, not so much excitement crosses over me but fear!
There is so much to choose from! I’ve become unsure of his size, the colour he likes, the style of jeans or whether a round neck or a V shape jumper suits him best.

I need a cuppa and some cake! sitting for a while calms me and I feel refreshed and ready to tackle what has become a challenge again.

I enjoy looking in the shops including Weird Fish, Next, Matalan and Marks and Spencer and as I make my choice I smile, I still have a little left for me, might as well look now. 😁

By Charlie - Lover of customer service and retail experiences.

Lover of customer service and retail experiences.

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