Race the Waves – Bridlington 2022

Race the Waves at Bridlington is the brainchild of Paul Garbutt, who had previously produced classic motorcycle social gatherings under his event name BACKFIRE Feel the Noise…

Paul inspired by the world famous (TROG) “The Race of Gentleman” which has been held annually since 2012 on the Wildwoods beach in New Jersey USA, contacted Joe the “Staging Boss” which is the person who brings the vehicles to the start line, to help aid the formula which Paul wished to create for Race the Waves in Bridlington. Paul had many calls with Joe who tragically passed away in 2019 but will always be indebted to him for his supportive advice and his well wishes for the event.

This Retro-Style Motoring event draws on BACKFIRE Promotions created the unique in the UK…Race The Waves & Steampunk Weekend following an inaugural trial held in September 2018 as part of The Bridlington Weekend of Motoring. Influences from the early 1900s Motoring Speed Events, held on the Yorkshire Coast Beaches & the Post War American Hot-Rodders. Retro-Style allows for the inclusion of many later constructions and especially custom builds. 

The beach element is supported by the organisers of the very successful Whitby Steampunk Weekend, who transform The Royal Hall within Bridlington’s Spa into a FREE to enter Steampunk Emporium. There are the finest purveyors of steampunk, alternative, lifestyle and goth interests to delight visitors. Live entertainment – tearooms and bars, all interspersed with displays of classic motorcycles & scooters. 

‘Race the Waves’ comprises a Retro-Theatre of Automotion held on Bridlington’s South Shore beach, featuring: vehicles running in pairs along the firm tidal Yorkshire sand from a ‘flagged start’. The elevated South Shore Promenade makes the perfect viewing platform for the beach activities together with offering easy access for the visitor to engage with the stall holders and displays positioned there. Thousands of people, including many Continental visitors, lined the Bridlington South foreshore over the two days in June 2019 to enjoy this unique UK Spectacle. 

The Race the Waves ethos is being inclusive and taking part, where everyone involved, from the audience to the beach entrants, gives of themselves to create an engaging atmosphere. 

The BACKFIRE Promotions invitation to run vehicles along the Bridlington Sands is a privilege and not bestowed lightly on those we wish to engage. 

Everyone who takes part in this motoring extravaganza are all winners. They have made an enormous effort and contribution to be with us, and the riders and drivers on the beach have to conquer a playing field which Mother Nature has served us for our torment until she retrieves once more beneath her briny veil. 

Race the Waves at Bridlington is indeed a phenomenon within the UK motoring calendar and our greatest wish is to encourage the next generation of auto enthusiasts.

Attire…Ladies and Gentlemen, we value our event visuals and the resulting photography. Therefore, Retro Attire is of paramount importance for our beach engagement and our audience is actively encouraged towards a Retro dress code too. 

Here’s a summary of what’s happening when:

  • Friday 17 June
    • 10am – 5pm Beach entrants meet at Church Green, Bridlington with chance to get up-close to the vehicles
    • 8pm – 9pm Vehicle display on North Marine Drive
    • From 8pm Various live music events including Kals Kats at Bridlington Spa
  • Saturday 18 June & Sunday 19 June
    • From 10am Steampunk Emporium in The Spa from 10.00am.
    • From 11am Race the Waves will begin on the South Beach
    • Stalls on the promenade.


By Team LYC

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