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A Thousand Ships (well, four) in a sea of flowers

After my first introduction to Odyssey on that bitterly cold April day where I battled with the dog to listen to the first instalment, I started following the story was excited to find out what was coming up next. What I didn’t expect, however, was to be getting hands-on with Origami!

When I read about the plan for the community to create, literally, a thousand origami ships, I was intrigued and decided to put in my order.

Now, as a serial hobbyist who has many a project unfinished, like my out of control garden, I was excited about how labour intensive this would be and did I have the skills?

When the package arrived with the papers, I was taken aback by how beautiful the designs were. Local artists have lovingly designed the papers provided. While amazing….it filled me with trepidation about “incorrect folding”, “the wrong technique”, and quite frankly, if my ships would end up looking like the paper aeroplanes I used to make it as a kid!

Thankfully, they came with a link to an online video, and after a couple of watches, I was off! 👇

The little ships came together with ease, and while I won’t be trying to make a crane anytime soon as my folding technique was a bit desired, they really captured my imagination.

Full confession, you are supposed to send the ships back to feature in the exhibitions touring the Yorkshire Coast….mine didn’t quite reach them.

Mine, in fact, ended up on a tour of the garden because I just loved the colour of the ships mixed with the summer flowers.

So apologies Animated Objects, but please feel reassured that they have gone to a good home with a mini (four) exhibition, and I can’t wait to visit the exhibition to see how the real artists do it!

By Penny, lover of dogs and walks with a coffee at the end!

Penny, lover of dogs and walks with a coffee at the end!

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