Get Bike ready this summer! 🚲

Now that summer is here, more of us, including our children, are getting “bike ready”! 

There is online help to do an “M check” and videos to show how to repair your bike if that’s something you want to do, or like me, leave it to the experts at the local bike shop.

Richardsons Cycles shop in Scarborough has everything you need for a great adventure. There are many bikes in-store and all the accessories, including clothing, and a fantastic team ready to help you with any questions. They also do high-quality servicing and repairs.

There are some essential checks that should be carried out before each ride so we thought we would list just a few of these to help you get started.

Tyres Check the tyres to ensure the recommended tyre pressure applies, which is usually written somewhere on the tyre. Next, check the tyres’ walls to ensure no cracks or splits, as this indicates that the tyres may need changing.

Brakes. Check the front and rear brakes to ensure they work properly. To do this, pull the brake lever. If the brake pulls against the handlebar grip, the brake cable needs adjusting. 

Front and rear Wheel Both wheels should be tightly fitted, and the quick-release lever in the closed position. Not all wheels have quick-release levers. If not quick a release, check that the nuts on both sides of the wheel are secure.

Headset Check the headset by firmly grasping the head tube with one hand and applying the front brake with the other hand, which will steady the front of the bike so that you can shake the headset to identify any rocking or clicking.

Spokes The Spokes should be checked to ensure they are not loose and of equal tension. Pluck each spoke with your finger. The sound from each spoke should be similar.

Saddle Check that your seat has not become loose, the limit marked on the seat has not been exceeded and the height is correct and that it’s comfortable for the type of ride you will be taking.

Chain The chain should be clean and oiled. Keeping your chain clean and lubricated is important for the smooth running of your bike.

All that s left to do is check you have all the accessories/equipment needed, some free time and a place to head to for that adventure. Enjoy! 🚲

P.S The Scarborough Gift Card is accepted at Richardson Cycles too! 😁

By Charlie - Lover of customer service and retail experiences.

Lover of customer service and retail experiences.

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