Spicy and zesty vegan salad

Thanks to Lorna in Whitby for this quick and easy vegan salad!

Ingredients to make 1 portion:

Wedge of lemon

A handful of mint leaves

1 red chilli

1 courgette (green are great, but yellow courgettes are even better!)

Tools needed

Knife and a spiralizer (you could just slice the courgette really thin if you don’t have one)


I like to get all of my prep done in one to make things super quick and easy!

1) Chop one whole ready chilli

2) Finely chop a handful of mint leaves (you could just tear these)

3) Spiralize a whole courgette (or cut into really thin slices – this is my favourite toy, it makes me feel like I’m having pasta!

4) Cut a wedge of lemon

Now its the easy bit, I just mix the chilli, mint and courgette all together and then squeeze a good wedge of fresh lemon into it.

I love this just as it is this is a great portion for 1, but if you are looking for some extra protein, poaching an egg and putting it on top is amazing!

By Team LYC

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